During a time when leading dealers are re-examining the viability of the traditional gallery model and are opting to close their exhibition spaces, artists and curators are creating exciting alternatives to breathe life and energy into what has become – by many accounts – an overly commercialized forum for art.

Seaman’s House, curated by Helen Allen, features nine New York-based artists who hail from around the globe. The exhibition highlights how these artists thoughtfully reflect upon their own cultural and literary heritage (American, British, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Swiss) and reinterpret the artistic cultural canon. Each of the works presented explore formal and art historical narratives from various cultural perspectives.

Featured Artists:

Davide Cantoni
Patrick Gallagher
Anton Ginzburg
Chris Klapper
Gregory Krum
Christina Kruse
Tatyana Murray
Jorge Otero-Pailos
Christian Wassmann


Photos by Uli Holz